Monday, June 2, 2008

Children of Another Species

My husband and I decided not to have our own biological children. We chose, instead, to adopt. Let me introduce you to our little ones:

The Original. The First. 10 years old and originally hails from the Humane Society in Tacoma, Washington.
Half-Siamese. Suffers from "Middle Child Syndrome" -- wants everyone to get along, but then will act out in an attempt to get attention.
Reformed Street Cat. Currently giving motivational speeches to America's youth on the national circuit. Topic: "Don't Follow the Pack. Do Your Own Thing."Callie
Also a former street-kitty. After being in a loving home for 3 years, her values now are strictly traditional. Here she poses with a book her Godmother gave her (because we all know the importance of healthy religious training).

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