Sunday, November 30, 2008

Completed Knits

Even though I live in sunny Sunnyvale, California, my hands get icy-cold in the winter. The thermostat at work and home stays low, so I knit myself a variety of fingerless mitts. Here are my most recent:

Symmetrical Braided Gauntlets by Rachel Calado
Knit with Cascade Cash Vero. Niiiiiiice!

Irish Hiking Wristwarmers
Knit with Patons Shetland Chunky

Knitty's Dashing I originally made the Dashing for my husband, but he said he's never wear them. That's cool, that's cool. They have a home with "moi".

This is my officially favorite hat. It's a slouchy version of Knitty's Foliage, but I like this one better than my previous one (see past blog entries) because I knit the brim longer--I like this feature. My only regret is that I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease. No disrespect for those who have lots of acrylic-love, it's just that whenever I wear the hat, I literally can hear the "squeak" of the acrylic! Seriously! Why are petroleum derivatives talking to me??

A cabled mini-scarf with golden-copper buttons. The yarn is Malabrigo chunky. *Sigh*. Love this yarn!
My first shawl: Lala's Simple Shawl
Knit with Moda Dea Cache. This yarn made for an interesting texture.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I've Got A Hemmy (And I Don't Own A Dodge)

It's been 3 whole months since I've written an entry. 3 whole months! Between work and school I have not made the time to blog. At all.

But I'm taking time out today to chronicle a significant event in my life. I have a hemorrhoid. My first. And I feel like crying. I never thought I'd experience this ailment prior to hot flashes or a senior citizen discount.

After work I went to Rite Aid and purchased this:

I did it with dignity and my head held high.

My daily routine requires me to do A LOT of sitting, so my friend Debbie suggested I purchase one of these:

I appreciate the subtle color. It will blend right in at work.

And speaking of work...this inflatable cushion? I'm sitting on it now, and it does work. (Sigh)

Thanks for the Hemmy advice Deb!!